Brand spankin’ new look.

Thanks to my new Adobe Stock license, I’m now able to personalize this site a bit more. So I decided to go with a piece of art (“Literature,” created by the extraordinary hand of Olga Kalinichenko) that looks far better than anything I could draw myself.

But I’m getting there. I’m nowhere near that level yet, but I’m getting there. Besides, I really do love the look of that picture. So yeah, I bought the license for it. But it wouldn’t feel right to me if I didn’t rep her work.

And, to go with the new header image, I completely changed the colours and design. I also added a static landing page. Eventually there’ll be more on the front page than just my intro text, but that won’t be for awhile coming.

Hope y’all like the new look. Go check out Olga’s work. ūüôā


FK Fic Fest 2017: “Die & Rise”

Yesterday, my new entry for the 2017 FK Fic Fest (which I’ve participated in since its 2010 inception) was released. Months before, I had received a prompt from my recipient Merfilly, and wed it to a fic idea that had been buried for awhile.

The new fic is called DIE & RISE and follows up the finale of the Forever Knight television series with something a bit more chilling. (Rated Teen. 1747 words. Psychological Horror.)


Also, things have gotten even more difficult financially… and I’ve been quiet because my ISP yanked my service out from under me due to non-payment. Bills that need to be paid are not getting paid because I literally have $0.65 to my name.

So if you could¬†help a broke girl out¬†and click one of the donation buttons (Paypal or Ko-fi, below) or sign up as my patron (Patreon, also below), I’d be really grateful. It takes a lot of man-hours for me to write the fic you enjoy, and I’d certainly be happy to write more upon request from a lovely donor.

The three caballeros: Patreon, Ko-fi and Paypal.

So yeah. You know how I’ve been flogging Patreon for a while, right?

Well, I decided to set up alternatives for those who would consider donating, but don’t want the commitment of a monthly subscription. Which is totally fine. I understand¬†that, some days, you might be flush with cash and others… well, not so much.

So, I set up a Ko-fi account, where you can donate money to me for however many cups of coffee you deem appropriate ($3 per cup, as decided by the service themselves, and not me) and drop a comment along with it on the page. Or you can set your own amount via Paypal.

It’s all completely up to you.

You’ll also notice the lack of massive images below? That’s because the links are automatically appended to the bottom of each post on my WordPress page. The links are much less intrusive, I think, so you can ignore them completely if you don’t have any loose change to spare.

Here’s a little something to sweeten the deal: If you donate $45 or more (in US dollars) via Paypal, or buy at least 15 cups via Ko-fi, I will write you a story. What kind? Any kind you please.

However, a monthly subscription¬†to my Patreon page, worth $5 or better will NOT ONLY get you the opportunity to commission¬†a story. You’ll ALSO¬†gain access to all the original stories I post there (there are three posted there thus far, and more will be added soon) AND a preview of the first three chapters of my currently-unreleased vampire novel Griffin Unbowed. Only the prologue and first chapter have been made available in other places, so you literally CAN’T get the second and third chapters anywhere, other than my Patreon page!

All that goodness is provided as a thank-you to those who donate, and ONLY to those who donate. Right now, there’s nobody standing in line at my virtual counter. You can change that. Hit those itty-bitty links below to donate,¬†so I can give you stuff.

Achievement unlocked!

I finally uploaded all the avatars I have ever made, and placed them all in the Art & Music section. This was no mean feat, given that there’s over 400 of them. But now, I can relax a little, because the avatar page is finally done (well, until I “remaster” a few of the really old ones, but there’s no way I’m getting into that right now).

Over the next few days, I’ll be uploading my banners and digital art as well. Those are, fortunately, far fewer. One day in the future, I hope to eventually have scans or photos of my traditional art pieces up, but that’s not going to be for awhile because I don’t have a scanner.

And, before you ask, YES. I am still writing, still making original content, and you can still sign up for $1 or more to my Patreon page to gain access to my short stories. I know, I know; I keep flogging it only because I need to support myself, and want to do that by doing the one thing I love so much — indulging my creative urges.

So, please, help me out by signing up as a patron.

Posted works in progress.

I decided to give a second look through my Ao3 account to see which fanfics I left uncompleted (abandoned pieces didn’t count). ¬†This is what I found.

Five Things Nick Changed for Natalie (and One Thing He Didn’t)

Written in the Forever Knight universe, focusing on the vampire hero Nick and his mortal love Natalie. I only have one more drabble left to add, before this is complete.

Love, Vulcan Style

Written in the new Star Trek movieverse, featuring Spock and Uhura. Only one drabble has been released so far, so I have quite a ways to go yet.

The Southern Gate

Another Forever Knight fanfic; this one being a multi-chapter novel, in a sci-fi inspired alternate universe where the Earth of the FK-verse suffered from an alien invasion, and the human population was scattered halfway across the galaxy to provide slave labour for the extraterrestrial conquerors. I’m working on re-writing it, with a new title to boot.

So, yeah. I have plenty of fanfic in progress.

But there’s original stuff in the works, as well. I’m not going to talk about them, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what they¬†will be. But I need your help to keep writing; right now money’s very tight, and I can use every penny I can get. So subscribe to¬†my Patreon page (starting at just $1), so I can focus my attention on writing rather than struggling to keep the roof over my head.