Original Works

Here you’ll find information on my books. I currently have one poetry book released and one on the way. I’m also working on several novels at the moment; updates will be made available as things come closer to completion.

Lyric, Meter and Rhyme coverLyric, Meter and Rhyme
Publication Date: TBA
Language: English
Category: Poetry

Melissa’s upcoming poetry collection, featuring one hundred previously unreleased poems.

Apocryphal Musings coverApocryphal Musings
Publication Date: Aug 20 2015
Language: English
Category: Poetry
Publishers: CreateSpace (print), SmashWords (digital)

A collection of one hundred poems written from 1994 to 2015, on a variety of topics. Some saw previous release online, others have never been seen before. Some are humorous, others deeply romantic. Dive into a world of dreams and words.

Available in Paperback and eBook.