About Me

Name Melissa Treglia
Date of Birth 21 February 1983
Place of Birth Orange, New Jersey
Astrological Sign Sun in Pisces (with Moon in Gemini and Ascendant in Taurus)
Birthstone Amethyst
Favourite Colour Purple
Favourite Planet Mars
Nationality/Ethnicity American (of Italian, Welsh and Blackfoot descent)
Special Song “Amazing Grace”–my mother used to sing it to me as a lullaby when I was a baby.
The book that inspired me to become a writer “The Rowan” by Anne McCaffrey. I read that book so much as a teenager, I completely destroyed TWO paperback copies! (I have a hardcover version now, and I still read it from time to time.)
About Me I’m just an average Italianate Jersey girl in her mid-thirties living at home with her mom and five cats. Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady in training. 😉

I’m what probably can be best referred to as a dark pagan, and I’m both a symphonic metal fan and an animal rights supporter. I also support the rights of GLBT folks. I have no children as of yet, and I’m not certain as to whether I’d want any. If marriage and children are in the cards, then one or two kids will be enough for me. If a spouse and child(ren) are not in my future, I’ve still got my furbabies and my family. 🙂

I love to write just about anything, but freeform poetry is my favourite method. I also love reading lots and lots of Forever Knight, Jekyll & Hyde and Sweeney Todd fan fiction. I’m something of a music aficionado and tend to write a lot of songs… or be inspired to write by them. Any kind of music is good enough for me (except country or rap, and even then I have some exceptions).

I have been writing fiction, fan fiction and sundry since I was in kindergarten. My earliest fan fiction was a piece that was inspired by the 80’s television show Knight Rider, which I had begun to write when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Unfortunately, I never completed it and now don’t know where it has gone to. :/

Singing, acting, and writing is definitely a major outlet for me as, in my offline offstage life, I’m very reserved around others I’m not familiar with. I’m definitely a more outspoken brazen individual in the online world. But such things are par for the course, n’est-ce pas?

Site Created On 09 November 2004
About This Site Simply put, this is my online hub for the books, poetry, fan fiction and other goodies I have made.

Please remember to review and rate any of my works that you read. I thrive on feedback, and would love to know your opinions on my stuff.