Achievement unlocked!

I finally uploaded all the avatars I have ever made, and placed them all in the Art & Music section. This was no mean feat, given that there’s over 400 of them. But now, I can relax a little, because the avatar page is finally done (well, until I “remaster” a few of the really old ones, but there’s no way I’m getting into that right now).

Over the next few days, I’ll be uploading my banners and digital art as well. Those are, fortunately, far fewer. One day in the future, I hope to eventually have scans or photos of my traditional art pieces up, but that’s not going to be for awhile because I don’t have a scanner.

And, before you ask, YES. I am still writing, still making original content, and you can still sign up for $1 or more to my Patreon page to gain access to my short stories. I know, I know; I keep flogging it only because I need to support myself, and want to do that by doing the one thing I love so much — indulging my creative urges.

So, please, help me out by signing up as a patron.

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