The three caballeros: Patreon, Ko-fi and Paypal.

So yeah. You know how I’ve been flogging Patreon for a while, right?

Well, I decided to set up alternatives for those who would consider donating, but don’t want the commitment of a monthly subscription. Which is totally fine. I understand that, some days, you might be flush with cash and others… well, not so much.

So, I set up a Ko-fi account, where you can donate money to me for however many cups of coffee you deem appropriate ($3 per cup, as decided by the service themselves, and not me) and drop a comment along with it on the page. Or you can set your own amount via Paypal.

It’s all completely up to you.

You’ll also notice the lack of massive images below? That’s because the links are automatically appended to the bottom of each post on my WordPress page. The links are much less intrusive, I think, so you can ignore them completely if you don’t have any loose change to spare.

Here’s a little something to sweeten the deal: If you donate $45 or more (in US dollars) via Paypal, or buy at least 15 cups via Ko-fi, I will write you a story. What kind? Any kind you please.

However, a monthly subscription to my Patreon page, worth $5 or better will NOT ONLY get you the opportunity to commission a story. You’ll ALSO gain access to all the original stories I post there (there are three posted there thus far, and more will be added soon) AND a preview of the first three chapters of my currently-unreleased vampire novel Griffin Unbowed. Only the prologue and first chapter have been made available in other places, so you literally CAN’T get the second and third chapters anywhere, other than my Patreon page!

All that goodness is provided as a thank-you to those who donate, and ONLY to those who donate. Right now, there’s nobody standing in line at my virtual counter. You can change that. Hit those itty-bitty links below to donate, so I can give you stuff.

Achievement unlocked!

I finally uploaded all the avatars I have ever made, and placed them all in the Art & Music section. This was no mean feat, given that there’s over 400 of them. But now, I can relax a little, because the avatar page is finally done (well, until I “remaster” a few of the really old ones, but there’s no way I’m getting into that right now).

Over the next few days, I’ll be uploading my banners and digital art as well. Those are, fortunately, far fewer. One day in the future, I hope to eventually have scans or photos of my traditional art pieces up, but that’s not going to be for awhile because I don’t have a scanner.

And, before you ask, YES. I am still writing, still making original content, and you can still sign up for $1 or more to my Patreon page to gain access to my short stories. I know, I know; I keep flogging it only because I need to support myself, and want to do that by doing the one thing I love so much — indulging my creative urges.

So, please, help me out by signing up as a patron.

Posted works in progress.

I decided to give a second look through my Ao3 account to see which fanfics I left uncompleted (abandoned pieces didn’t count).  This is what I found.

Five Things Nick Changed for Natalie (and One Thing He Didn’t)

Written in the Forever Knight universe, focusing on the vampire hero Nick and his mortal love Natalie. I only have one more drabble left to add, before this is complete.

Love, Vulcan Style

Written in the new Star Trek movieverse, featuring Spock and Uhura. Only one drabble has been released so far, so I have quite a ways to go yet.

The Southern Gate

Another Forever Knight fanfic; this one being a multi-chapter novel, in a sci-fi inspired alternate universe where the Earth of the FK-verse suffered from an alien invasion, and the human population was scattered halfway across the galaxy to provide slave labour for the extraterrestrial conquerors. I’m working on re-writing it, with a new title to boot.

So, yeah. I have plenty of fanfic in progress.

But there’s original stuff in the works, as well. I’m not going to talk about them, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what they will be. But I need your help to keep writing; right now money’s very tight, and I can use every penny I can get. So subscribe to my Patreon page (starting at just $1), so I can focus my attention on writing rather than struggling to keep the roof over my head.


When I say I’m working hard on my writing…

THIS is what I mean.


That’s a screenshot of the Quoll Writer app on my computer, where all my writing projects are housed. There’s 40 different works in various stages of progress. Now, while some of them are indeed fan works (like the 30 Days of Fandom project seen on the zoom-in), over a dozen are completely original material. Plus, there’s a few critical essays thrown in. And that upcoming second volume of poetry.

Yes, they’re all somewhere between novella and doorstopper size. No, I have no idea when I’ll complete ’em all. But yes, you can damn well bet I’m working hard at my chosen craft.

So, when I ask you to support me, I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. I spend countless unpaid hours doing this thing I love to do and, while I do appreciate the occasional pat on the back, unfortunately I have a family to feed as well.

So please, donate. That way I can spend all my waking hours devoted to becoming a better writer, and giving you the stories you want to read. Help me turn my passion into my livelihood.


Getting down with the Knight-conage.

I added 200 Forever Knight icons to the avatars page, under “Art & Music.” Yes, you read that right; that’s a two with two zeroes attached. Forever Knight has long been my favourite show, and the 90s nostalgia is strong with this one. (Actually, I’m a wee bit obsessed. NGL.)

Also? Forever Knight is finally gonna be getting a revival. The new film is in pre-production right now, but they’ve got a new logo made already.


I still prefer the simple elegance of the original TV series’ logo, though:


But, even so, I’m still looking forward to the new movie. As long as it doesn’t suck like TMNT, Transformers and 21 Jump Street all did. We’ll see what happens when the trailer comes out.

I’ve just got about 100 (non-FK) avatars left to upload, and that’ll be over the next few days. Getting all the FK icons up was the hard part, because I made so damn many. But it’s all a labour of love, of course. 🙂

Speaking of work, I’m still very much hard at work on my original material. You can help me out by joining up to my Patreon page and getting unrestricted access to my original short stories, starting at just $1 per month.


A sparkly thing that happened.

I added a whopping 35 more icons to my “Avatars” page under the Art & Music section. The kicker? All 35 are from the Twilight fandom.

It’s no secret that I hate the Twilight books. I think Stephenie Meyer is a complete hack who got lucky on her first try, because girls love things that sparkle. And what’s better than a sparkly boyfriend who’s waited a hundred years for you alone?

I’ll tell you what: gleefully mocking such drek, and writing delightfully spiteful fic that takes the basic idea and crams logic and reality right up its ass.

The books are awful, but the movies are an improvement over the books. They’re silly and dumb… but at least they aren’t trying to feed you some harmful messages. Case in point: Edward takes an engine part (most likely the spark plug) out of Bella’s truck to prevent her from seeing her friend Jacob. Now in the movies, they hardly speak to one another for a few scenes after that, and it’s clear Bella’s pissed at his highhandedness. In the books, she’s TOTALLY OKAY WITH IT, rationalizing it away as him trying to protect her. Which is the exact attitude abuse victims take when their abusers get nasty, “oh, he doesn’t mean anything by it,” or “oh, he’s just looking out for me,” or the worst of ’em all… “it’s my fault he’s upset.”

So yeah. The books are a great big pile of horrible messages embedded beneath ridiculously purple prose streaming from the consciousness of a completely unlikeable Mary Sue.

The movies? RPattz’s constantly pained expression (turns out, he was actually trying to go for a humourous touch by making Edward a social reject), KStew’s single facial expression through the entirety of five movies (she clearly wasn’t even trying, when she was actually very good in Speak and Zathura), shirtless werewolves, and Edward sparkling at high noon followed by Bella’s Body-Slam of Love…

I can go on.

There’s a manga of the first book too, drawn by Young Kim, which actually makes more sense because of Edward’s canonical bishie sparkle. The manga’s art is pretty, IMHO.

But I actually made those avatars because I subscribe to a sporking journal and its sister journal, a spitefic community. I was a major contributor to said spitefic comm during 2012 and 2013, and will actually be going back to it this year with a Fifty Shades of Grey multi-chapter fic where I make sense of THAT X-rated ridiculousness, featuring Anastasia Steele as an amnesiac alien princess.

So yeah. 35 Twilight Series icons are available, and a Fifty Shades AU is on the way.

But that’s my anti-fannish stuff. And my (anti-)fannish stuff will always be available for free.

I still write original stuff, and you can support me on that by joining my Patreon page. For just $1 a month, you can get unlimited access to all my original work and, for a bit more, you can commission an original piece from me. I’ll be uploading new material there later tonight, so there’ll be new stuff there you may not find anywhere else.

Yes. I WILL WRITE WHATEVER YOU WANT, FOR JUST A FEW BUCKS EVERY MONTH. What’s not to love? Show some support for an independent creator and…


We are officially a go!

It’s official: I finally deleted the old Beautiful Mistakes website off of my 000webhost account, which means I’m saying sayonara to that particular webhost. Also, all the material from my old digital art mini-site Restless Heart has been merged into the “Art & Music” page here.


Anything else I add to this site is most likely to be bits and pieces from my other old (fannish) websites. At least at first; I’m working on clearing everything out and stripping down to the basics. No more random websites floating out there in the wilds of the Internet untethered; I’m bringing all my babies back home. 🙂

In the end, I plan for Beautiful Mistakes to be my ONLY website. It’s less of a hassle to update that way. (THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! */MacLeod*)

Turns out my needs are simple, regarding my online presence. My Facebook and Twitter accounts suit me just fine. I really don’t need anything else to communicate with anyone, as those are the two most folks are on anyway. And, for fan fiction, I much prefer AO3 to Even though I get less attention on AO3, I love the way they organize series, and the formatting you can do for a fic.

Also, LiveJournal needs to die a fiery death. Fuck their Russian TOS that they didn’t translate properly, and less than halfway.

TL;DR: Lots of online spring cleaning to be had. And I’m only just getting started. Also, I’m sleep deprived, so I’m rambling and punchy.

AND ONE MORE THING: Please support my broke ass on Patreon. I post original short stories there you may not find anywhere else, and it starts at just $1 a month for access. Donating more will get you the ability to commission a story from me. Help an indie chick out, will ya?